Unraveled by Genifer Albin is the final story in the Crewel trilogy.   I think as a reader I fall into the same rut that I tend to enjoy the first book in the series more as the world building is all exciting and new. The middle book is usually just ok, and then the last book tends to get exciting wondering how everything will come to a conclusion. Unfortunately, this last story did not fall into my normal pattern. The ending was disappointing in so many ways.

First, I thought there could have been more drama between Adelice and her little sister. Unable to tell her sister the truth in order to protect her, could have led to Amie really hating Adelice and making things harder for Adelice both emotionally and also getting in the way of any plans she made to take down Cormac. On the same note, I think Genifer could have drawn out the change in relationship between Adelice andPryana, keep us guessing as to whether Pryana wanted Adelice out of the way for revenge, to regain her position, or whether she was part of the rebel alliance instead of revealing right away that she had changed sides.

A storyline that did not get fully explored was Loricel the Master Creweler. Adelice realizes she is much older than she even imagined when she met her. So when did Loricel meet Cormac and how did she become what seems to be the first Creweler? Who was she before Arraswas created?   For that matter, what was her prior relationship with Albert Einstein and couldn’t there have been a more dramatic sendoff for two people so brilliantly talented?

The final encounter between Adelice and Cormac was a letdown after all the buildup to what should have been a great showdown, in fact, throughout the series I think we were all led to expect thatMaybe that’s the problem, maybe author’s paint themselves into a corner by the high drama between the two main characters in the story and then nothing can live up to the tension built.

There were also too many hints given about the outcome of the Adelice and Erik/Jost situation, the book practically screamed, “Hey, I am leaving an important clue here” so even that part of the ending was a disappointment with the ‘big twist’ not being much of a surprise at all. The only surprise was how that ended without any explanation of what happened in the big battle to cause that action to be taken. It also remained unexplained why he didn’t just tell Adelice as soon as she found him and he regained consciousness.


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