Unfed, the sequel to Kirsty McKay’s Undead, moves the storyline away from focusing on zombies to focus on Xanthro, the evil pharma company who unleashed the Osiris zombie virus in Scotland.

After the bus crash, Bobby wakes up in a hospital only to be told her mother is dead and she has been in a coma for months. Good thing she has had all the rest as no sooner is she making sense of her surroundings then sirens blare and place is under attack, but by whom? With her newly shaved head Bobby is now a cross between GI Jane and Bruce Willis in every action movie. I mean, c’mon, how does a girl who hasn’t had any exercise in weeks suddenly able to fight, climb into an air duct and shimmy her way to an old friend’s room?   This happens repeatedly throughout this book, this girl is nearly killed over and over again, but is able to somehow to jump back up and kick ass? Well, it worked for Bruce Willis, Die Hard made big bucks, so maybe we expect superhero status of our heroes?

While the first book was reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in this story the Scooby Gang, with a new member and missing one member, are on a quest so it’s more like The Hobbit in terms of story. The gang needs to rescue their missing member and figure out a series of clues leading to a secret destination. Did I enjoy the change in focus of the story? Not really. I have never been a conspiracy nut.

However, I do enjoy Bobby as a reluctant female heroine. She is always first into the fray, but only because none of the others are willing to step up, something she sarcastically comments on all the time in her head. It’s those asides that smooth over my other criticisms of the book. I mean who says you can’t keep your sense of humor when being chased by zombies and corporate baddies?



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