Allison Hewitt is Trapped

Y’know, I think people who don’t read zombie fiction don’t realize the wealth of variety there is in this subgenre. Some zombie books like Rot & Ruin have a poetic grace, some such as the Forest of Hands and Teeth are well beyond being about zombies, and Allison Hewitt is Trapped is just snarkily funny, when it’s not being rather profound. Maybe I am biased, after all I was predisposed to like this one as Allison’s story is told through her blog, a blog she kept while trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, so she is a girl after my own heart. Sometimes I have felt like I am just trying to survive my life, and it’s been a challenge to get a post up every week, but it’s important to me in what has been a trying time in my life. Therefore, I greatly respect that Allison, badass that she is, manages to get blog posts up in between killing zombies.

OK, Allison Hewitt is not a high school teen, but she is a college student, so that’s close enough for me to write about the book Allison Hewitt is Trapped on this YA blog. Allison is paying for her studies by working at a bookstore when the zombie apocalypse happens. Allision, her boss, two assistant managers, and a couple of customers take refuge in the breakroom as chaos ensues. Forget the zombies, just being stuck living night and day with people you work with can already be horrifying. It reminds me of when I read Sartre’s No Exit in high school, hell is other people a lot of the time.

Eventually the group start to run out of food and Allison and Ted, an Asian chem student, volunteer to venture out into the store in search of vittles and Allison quickly learns to be an expert with the emergency axe she found as she dispatches the undead. Food is not the only problem the group has, soon sanitation issues ensue. I have to admit that when I read these books, or watch this type of movie, I am always secretly wondering how some of these basic needs are handled, so while it’s not my favorite topic, I applauded an author for finally addressing what we are all wondering.

Although Allison is the den mother of the group, she is outvoted by the rest who decide it would be best to relocate to the apartments above the bookstore for more comfort. Although initially more comfortable, the move has consequences, which Allison chronicles on her blog for a growing readership of survivors spread out across the country. All of us bloggers could wish that what we write has such an impact! Her words are what give others hope and the spirit to survive another day. When Allison’s mother responds to one of her blog posts that she is going to join her daughter as she and some neighbors are running out of food, Allison rejoices. However, events transpire that cause Allison and her little group to leave the apartments and head to the source of some radio broadcasts that she has been listening to at night.   The voice that keeps her company in the dark is one that will become a meaningful part of her journey along with her search for her mother.

Allison’s journey is emotional, spiritual and physical and she encounters some memorable characters who leave the kind of big impression in a short time that happen under situations of distress. I don’t want to describe more details as I hope readers will choose to experience this book for themselves.   If an apocalyptic event were to happen, how many of you writers and bloggers would try to do what Allison does?



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