The Compound

With all the bad winter weather across the country the last few days, I am sure there are a lot of people dealing with cabin fever. Maybe those people should download a copy of The Compound by S.A. Bodeen about a family who is trapped inside a space for 2,190 in the setting of the story. A Gates type tech billionaire, Rex Yanakakis, is an expert on weapons of mass destruction and has spent some of his money on The Compound, an underground bunker made to not only withstand a nuclear attack, but to sustain his family for the fifteen years it would take before it is safe to emerge.

Despite all of his planning, when the attack comes, one of his twin boys and the kid’s maternal grandmother do not make it into the compound in time. The rest of the survivors are fortunate that no expense was spared to outfit the compound with luxury, this is not a cobwebbed fallout shelter from the 1960’s. There are generators, hydroponic and water systems, an infirmary. In addition, the compound has been built to mimic the family’s Seattle mansion with luxurious furnishings and an extensive music, movie, and book library as well as a professional kitchen and gym. However, it’s a gilded cage to Eli, the son who lost his twin. Always somewhat troubled compared to his sunny twin Eddy he retreats further into himself. He always felt that his brother was the more well liked and better person and his way of dealing with the loss of Eddy and the halt to his normal life means he has developing some odd tics. The rest of his family is also trying to cope with their new life. His youngest sister Terese has adopted a British accent after self-soothing by watching Mary Poppins over and over. Oldest sister Lexie refuses to interact with Eli, and his parents’ marriage has become quite tense.

Although they have about the best bunker anyone could hope for in the case of a disaster, it’s not perfect. Early on their livestock died off, there is a limited amount of grow bulbs left to nurture their vegetable garden, and some of the food is expiring. Therefore, the father has come up with a plan, a plan that is kept behind yellow doors that Eli never visits. Eli’sfather has always been controlling, but Eli begins to wonder about all the time he spends in his locked office. So for all those trapped inside, it might make you feel better to read about a family with dysfunctions and secrets who are stuck together inside for an extended period of time, it will make your brief sojoun inside due to the weather seem like a picnic.


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