How did this happen?  I feel incredibly foolish.  How did I pick up and read Infinity by Rachel Ward without realizing it was part of a trilogy.  Not just a part of the trilogy, but the LAST book in a trilogy! I truly am kicking myself because it doesn’t seem to make sense to go back and read the two previous books now that I know how it all ends, would you? 

It’s a shame as the book was a breath of fresh air, a new concept in a genre that often seems to repeat variations on the same themes, though at least those themes are exciting ones.  Somewhere I read a brief blurb about this book and was also mistaken in thinking it wasn’t a dystopian or apocalyptic novel, yes I occasionally actually read some outside this genre, though that’s becoming more and more rare.   I just had the idea that this book was like the Greek myth about the Fates, who know by the spinning of a thread how long someone’s life is as the blurb talked about a character who could see peoples’ numbers, the numbers of their death.

After reading several books in a row with female heroines, don’t get me wrong I love a kick ass rebel female character as much as anyone, it was an interesting change to read a book in which the main character was male, a teen named Adam.   Adam is special due to his ability.   The book alludes to his past, when he was able because of his ability to predict the end of the world, well the end of the modern world as we know it.  He appeared on TV warning of a giant quake that created the Chaos, a hardscrabble new world where technology is gone and people spend each day camped outside trying to survive the devastation.  Among those people are not just Adam, but his pregnant girlfriend Sarah, their daughter Mia, and Sarah’s two brothers. 

Mia’s different too.  Adam sees more than just her unearthly beauty when he looks at her; he also sees her death date, the one that used to belong to his Nan who raised him until she died.  Somehow Mia ended up with her date and her ability, though it’s a different ability than what Adam has.  Adam has spent the last couple of years trying to lay low as before he made the predication about the end of everything, he was in prison.  He’s not sure what’s worse, people remembering the crime he was accused of, and worrying that somehow he might be sent back despite the fact that organized government and life appears to be largely gone, or people remembering him for his warning.  The latter want to thank him for saving lives, but being near other people is painful for someone who can’t make eye contact without seeing their date.

One day someone appears in the camp where he and his little family have been staying, and the encounter with this man who reveals some things about what he calls Adam’s gift, changes the lives of Adam, Sarah and his girls forever.

If anyone who reads this post has read the whole trilogy, let me know if you think it’s still worth reading the first two books after I have already read the last…




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