In The After

People have often accused me of, “sneaking up on them.”  I learned as a child to move more quietly than most people, as that skill was useful to me – turns out that it could be an even more valuable skill than I thought.  In fact, in the book  In The After by Demetria Lunetta it is a survival skill of great value.

When aliens with poor eyesight who find their prey, humans, mostly by sound land in the U.S., Amy learns that the way to stay alive is to learn how to be more silent than death.  Amy got lucky, on a day where millions were killed she happened to be at home watching TV.  Because Amy grew up with an activist environmental father who installed solar panels, a rainwater system and a rooftop garden, she has some advantages that help her to continue to survive. Her scientist mother worked for the government and thus was very security conscious, so Amy’s house has a powerful electric fence, which is what keeps the monsters from her door, though she learns quickly to live silently in case the fence ever fails. 

Eventually Amy has to venture out to scavenge for food and supplies where she learns more about how to avoid becoming meat for the alien predators.  On one such shopping foray she finds a toddler alone in a store.  Having developed a strong survival instinct, Amy considers leaving the child there, but when she observes how quiet and smart the child is, she gives into an overwhelming need to bring the baby back to her home for companionship and to create a new family for herself since her parents never returned.  She calls the child Baby and teaches her sign language so they can communicate without attracting the notice of the aliens.  She also teaches Baby how to survive and how to scavenge.  It’s when they are out on a scavenge mission that the meet Amber, another female teen survivor whom Baby instantly grows attached to and against her better judgment they bring Amber home with them. Amber is not only the type of girl Amy was never friends with before the world fell apart, but she is loud and unskilled in how to survive.  One day when Amber insists on coming along on a mission, her shallowness creates a situation that attracts an alien almost killing Amy before a ship snatches the creature up.  After the three return home Amber leaves and men arrive at the house to disable the fence.  Amy understands that Amber has betrayed her and Baby and they must leave in order to survive.  While living outside, the pair are picked up by a ship which takes them to a compound of survivors. 

Finally in a safe area surrounded by other people after years of isolation Amy finds unexpected joy.  However, some of the leaders of the compound take an unusual interest in Baby and Amy begins to have doubts about whether everything is really back to normal for them.   




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