I made a rookie mistake.  I started reading Taken by Erin Bowman before checking to see if the next book in the series was published yet.   The reason that’s a mistake is that I really enjoyed the book and now I have to wait until next spring to continue the adventure.

Gray Weathersby has spent his whole life behind the wall.  Like all young men he is aware that upon his eighteenth birthday the Heist will occur plucking him away from the only home and friends he has ever known.  What happens to those who are Heisted is unknown, as no one has ever returned.  Those who try to avoid the Heist by climbing over the wall, return as charred bodies, killed by something monstrous on the other side of the wall.

With his own father heisted years ago, his mother dead and his older brother on the verge of his eighteenth birthday, Gray is desperate for answers, well when he is not being distracted by Emma his childhood friend that he is in love with.  Well he doesn’t actually know that what he feels is love, because in his town Claysoot, love is usually something that only happens because parents and children, to form a romantic attachment to someone who will be Heisted, or someone you will leave behind when heisted, means that no one in the society marries.  They mate, or slate to several people, as a  way to ensure that the population won’t die out.

After his older brother Blaine is Heisted, Gray finds a note from his mother that leaves him even more determined to find out what’s behind the wall. 

This book combines a love triangle, a closed society, modern technology and science and has some elements right out of an M. Night Shyamalan film.





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