Monument 14: Sky On Fire

Monument 14: Sky on Fire by Emmy Laybourne is the sequel to Monument 14.  At the end of the first story, the kids had split into two groups with Dean and his brother Alex now separated.  Alex has left with a group trying to reach Denver International Airport where they have heard rumors of people being evacuated and where they want to try to get medical attention for one of the group who has been seriously injured. 

Dean has elected to stay at the superstore because he is the dangerous Type O blood, and because Astrid (who is pregnant) is staying as well as one of the kids who is Type O too and the twins. 

Each group encounters different dangers and setbacks while trying to survive, however the more interesting story is the group trying to get to the airport who are finally able to see the world beyond their Greenway store refuge.  Outside is both better and worse than they or I was expecting.  The group encounters various characters, some with good intentions and many without, though both types for their own reasons try to split the group up.  However, the relationships developed in the first book have only deepened and after splitting into the two groups already, the kids are determined that there won’t be any more divisions at least until some unexpected reunions occur that change things for the group. 

At the end of the book there seemed to be a hint that there could be a third book, although the way the second book was written, it could simply end there.  I tried looking on the author’s website to get more information on this, but couldn’t find anything.  Does anyone know anything?   I did found out that it sounds like the first book has been optioned for a film.


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