The Forsaken

The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse will appeal to people who enjoyed The Maze Runner, Quarantine, Variant, and Lockdown.    The Forsaken has similar Lord of the Flies aspects and even elements of the TV series Lost with its mysterious island and unnatural enemies. 

Alenna Shawcross is only ten when her parents are snatched in the night by the secret police of the UNA and orphaned.  Even before their abduction, Alenna’s world has been turned upside down.  The UNA, or United Northern Alliance was formed just a few years earlier uniting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico after a global economic meltdown caused food shortages and violent crime waves in an effort to restore order.  However, the citizens of the united countries were not happy about the alliance resulting in first demonstrations, then riots, then armed rebellions until a four-star general appointed himself prime minister for life and closed the national borders and snatched away all freedoms including cell phones, computers and the Internet.

All high school juniors must take the GPPT, a test that determines potential future criminals, people with a propensity for violence and psychopaths.  Anyone who fails is designated an “unanchored soul” and shipped to a desolate prison island where the average life expectancy is only eighteen years of age.

The day before her test, Alenna’s class visits a museum where the students can view live footage of the island via cameras placed there.  When a blue-eyed boy appears desperately trying to communicate, Alenna feels a strange connection to him before he is attacked by a monstrous hooded figure and the camera malfunctions.

Confident that she has obeyed all rules, studied hard and doesn’t stand out in any way from her peers, Alenna takes her test – and fails, waking up on the island near a boy named David from her city.  Attacked by drones, the island psychopaths, a warrior girl appears to help them, though only Alenna and the girl manage to get away from the drones.  Alenna is taken to the girl’s village where she learns more about how the island is divided into sectors, which includes the mysterious gray sector that just might hold the key to getting off the island IF she can survive the drone attacks and the mysterious sickness affecting many of the teens.



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