This is a book about an apocalypse caused not by an environmental or manmade disaster, but an angel apocalypse.

I have always thought of angels as being literally ‘angelic’ creatures, but I have been noticing a disquieting trend about these creatures in books and TV.  More and more angels are portrayed very differently than the saintly creatures watching over mankind; instead they are surprisingly flawed and violent creatures.  This is certainly true on the TV show Supernatural where the angels are almost as bad as demons and in books such as The City of Bones and Fallen.    

In Angelfall, by Susan Ee, the setting is current, but our world has been turned upside down by an angel apocalypse.  For Penryn, life wasn’t exactly normal even before this cataclysmic event.  Her mother is a schizophrenic who may have played some role in the ‘accident’ that crippled her little sister.  With her father gone, it’s up to her to help her family survive in a world where both angels as well as humans have become violent.   When her sister disappears and she is separated from her mother, Penryn makes an unlikely alliance on her quest to rescue her sister and survive in a world filled with cannibals, para military groups and even worse things. 

 I do like a female lead who is more about kicking ass than dreaming of prom and Penryn delivers in that department.  This was one of those books that kept me reading well past a reasonable bedtime, my only complaint is that if this is supposed to be part of a series, the sequel isn’t even a whisper yet, so I will have to wait impatiently to see where things lead.


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