At nearly 600 pages, Dan Wells’ Fragments is quite a hefty tome, but it’s justified by the epic adventure contained within the pages.  In his second book in the Partials series, Wells alternates between events and characters.

Kira has set out to visit ParaGen’s NY office to try to follow Nandita’s message to find the Trust, but she is equally focused on finding out more about what she is, a fact that she hasn’t shared with any of her childhood friends.  Although she is successful at finding some disturbing information, she is still missing the key pieces and to find the rest will take her much further than NYC and along a much more dangerous route.  Fortunately, she meets up with some old allies who have the skills to undertake the perilous path with her.

In the meantime, her old boyfriend Marcus is doing his best to help East Meadow during an invasion.  He knows something has changed about Kira and he searches for answers from her sister Ariel, while Kira’s brother-in-law, Haru, is keeping the dangerous rebel fighter Senator Delarosa in his sights.

There is lots of juicy stuff to sink your teeth into in this book; biomedical ethics, a culture of greed, racism, oppression and the classic chestnut, “Do the ends justify the means?”  Add a scoop of conspiracy theory, self and identity issues, some very acid rain and haunting landscapes of destruction and the length is justified.


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