Zombie House Hunting

I never had any interest in zombies.  Then I picked up the book The Forest of Hands and Teeth and was enthralled by the lyric style of the writing.  Now that the door was open, I also read Enclave.  Most recently, I have been reading the Rot & Ruin series, the morality and good guys vs. bad guys reminded of reading Shane in junior high.

Now that I have opened myself to the whole zombie thing, now I am seeing zombie stuff everywhere.  When I am not reading dystopian YA fiction, you will often find me watching shows on my favorite TV station, HGTV.  There was an episode where a man and his wife wanted to buy a private island in Florida.  Apparently it wasn’t for privacy, prestige or the other reasons you might think.  The guy kept mentioning their house would be a no zombie zone, based on the theory that zombies wouldn’t be able to swim to wear he lived.  I thought the guy was definitely off his rocker.  Then I came across this article this week on zombie free real estate and it made me chuckle: http://homes.yahoo.com/news/anti-zombie-strongholds-for-sale.html?page=all


One thought on “Zombie House Hunting

  1. There’s a surprisingly large number of people out there who are already preparing for the zombie apocalypse, but buying your own island on the off-chance that ‘zombies can’t swim’ seems a bit much – especially since that phrase seems to have originated as an advertising slogan for selling boats (just ‘Zombies Can’t Swim – Get A Boat!’ under Google Images and you’ll see it’s widely used).

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