The Rise of the One Word Titles

Why are so many YA dystopian book titles one word?? For the past two years for my fiction reading I have been reading YA dystopian fiction almost exclusively, so maybe this is a trend in other genres too and I haven’t noticed.    From the Chemical Garden series (Wither, Fever, Sever) to Ally Condie’s (Matched, Crossed, Reached   ) and  Anne Aguirre (Enclave, Outpost, Horde) among many others  there seems to be a strong naming trend in YA dystopian fiction.

It’s almost ironic that these books, so complex in terms of world building and the emotions of the characters are summed up by their one word titles.   Where did this trend start and are the YA authors aware that they are following the trend?    Do they ever agonize after writing and coming up with the title for the first book, how they will find a name for the next?

Since we are talking about post-apocalyptic fiction here, why haven’t any YA dystopian authors used these for their series? Distressed, Devastated, Screwed


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