What Reveals More About You, Your Medicine Cabinet or Your Bookcase?

ImageI actually didn’t know that snooping through medicine cabinets was a thing, until I heard a joke referencing it.  Personally, I have never felt a strong urge to peek into anyone’s medicine cabinet when visiting, maybe because there’s not much to see in mine.  I grew up being told that medicine was bad because it only made the illness last longer, so I don’t keep much more than aspirin in the house.  I remember being surprised when two of my colleagues once freely talked about the variety of anti-anxiety medicine each took.

While I haven’t ever been tempted to peek through people’s medicine cabinets as a way to figure out who they are, I guess I have my own version. It’s looking at someone’s bookshelves.  Sometimes it’s surprising that the person who seems like such a ham has a bookcase full of serious business volumes or that the introvert who doesn’t seem comfortable around people has shelves full of biographies.  Then there are the rows of fiction, what sort of judgments do we make if we see romantic bodice rippers versus Charles Dickens?  Lines of sci-fi paperbacks vs. historical fiction?  And what about people whose only books appear to be glossy coffee table tomes?  Do you consider the latter to be book lovers or more fans of interior design?

However, it can be dangerous to make assumptions based on peoples’ reading material.  For example, my house is small and I don’t have space for bookcases.  The books I own are tucked away in drawers, which might leave the impression to those who don’t know me well that I am not much of a reader, when I actually read hundreds of books a year, many borrowed from friends or the library.  If a burglar were to break in, he might assume there’s a teenage girl living there based on the stack of books next to my favorite reading spot, but the reality is I am a grown woman who has simply been devouring YA dystopia novels for the past year.  However, because I feel a little shamefaced over this guilty reading pleasure, I alternate reading the YA novels with a few business and marketing books, which I imagine would be very confusing to anyone glancing at the pile.  But I can’t help but wonder: why is it so important to learn the latest business strategies if the world is on the verge of collapse?

So feel free to browse my books and I will do the same to you, but just let’s keep an open mind about each other, ok?


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